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The Romanticism of Eire


Martin calls me a ‘plum wizard’. I used to be known by the nickname Trouble, now one of the chefs at work calls me the magic unicorn girl. My Father always introduces me as “this is Erin, my daughter”. Jacob calls me abrasive. My Mother called me “Psycho Baby”, but “Daughter Number One” has prevailed for longer (even though I only have a Brother). My first ever boyfriend, still calls me Aeryn, because 15 year-old-me decided I preferred the spelling. And…

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Drawing exercises for those struggling with inspiration on comadiary.com
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Drawing Exercises For The Uninspired: Part Two

  Lets have another shall we, feeling any more inspired yet? Me neither. Good isn’t it? Anywayyyy, this week I’ve been doing some blind contour drawing. Drawings created like this are always interesting to look at, and can convey so much of how we…

Weekly Column

Replacing The Virgin Mary With Lady Liberty

I like to sit and think on my words, and I like to draft, draft, draft and then ultimately scrap or keep them. I want the words I write to read well, and without a stream of profanities. (But sometimes just shouting ‘bollocks’ is…

Photographic Essay

Photographic Essay: September

How is it that September is over and done with? This year seems to move in such strange ways, the days feel long and full of life, yet the months are short and over in a blink of an eye. There have been disappointments;…


Kiss Chase @ Electro Studios Project Space

Kiss Chase at Electro Studio Project Space is an exhibition showcasing the work of seven contemporary artists in a variety of media, including painting, film, printing, and sculpture. The works reflect on childhood through approaches ranging from humour and irony to the uncanny and…

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Weekly Column

Gonepteryx rhamni

Is this how the world feels to others? I’ve been slightly naughty, and not taken my medication in a few days. Never fear! By the time you read this I will, of course, be dutifully taking my tablets morning and evening. In this new…

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Visual: Surreal, Not Real

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 I prefer the strange and the weird, the slightly off centre questioning of life that happens around me. Observing all the activities and lives that are lived and questioned, what do we believe and…