comadiary is run by Erin Veness

iterinI may at some point find a flattering up-to-date photo, for now, you’ve got no chance.

Erin Veness, tattooed, drunk, and dyed hair.

I graduated university in 2011 with a degree in Fine Art and am a practicing artist, as well as everything else, and comadiary is where it all gets stored.

I’ve exhibited widely across the UK, and in 2015 am setting my sights on the wider world.

I am a diagnosed Borderline Personality person and sometimes I write about mental health and mental ill health, as a way of reaching out and maybe connecting with others (this may or may not work, and I may come across as a misery, I pretty much am).

I also identify as a feminist, a girlfriend and a cat owner.

comadiary is an art blog, it is not a ‘design’, ‘creative’ or ‘photography’ blog, it is an art blog and I talk about my art, art I’ve seen and art I want to make. I sometimes draw, I sometimes share playlists, I often do post pictures I’ve taken and show inspiration.

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ps. it was lovely to meet you

  • SamanthaLily

    I like your about page. 9,000 tries got you to a good place! And don’t find a more flattering picture, I like that one.