#The100 Day Project – Week 2

week two

I’m looking harder at things. I’m trying to see two, or the possibilities of two in everything around me, which I’m sure is all part of the project, to not just create a habit, but to also help us to see in new ways. I’m reminded of John Berger, and Ways of Seeing. I’m reminded of composition and the rule of thirds. I’m buoyed by what other beautiful creatives are doing, #the100dayproject a tag I am regularly perusing on instagram.

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This week I wanted to show you Els Vlieger and her beautiful creations for #The100DayProject. As much as part of me could never draw on or in a book (unless of course I’m underlining things), Els’ works reminded me of childhood, of innocence and that time when I didn’t care if I drew all over a book, the important part was that I was drawing, and enjoying it.

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Neil Gaiman – The Reading List


Important to note, is I do read fiction, I really enjoy reading fiction. Especially the weird and cooky fiction. Such as Neil Gaiman. “There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily, and so do dreams and hearts.” Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things It’s difficult for me to write about Neil without getting […]

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Uncharacteristically Sprightly

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Have you ever spoken at length with someone who has completely opposite views to you? Do you know how refreshing it is to have that type of conversation regularly? The topic isn’t important when you’re both being respectful and discussing ideas in an open and honest way. I love my friends, but when we all […]

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